Morgus, E017, part one, Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe


Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 017 part one, ‘Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe’

Written on April 23, 2018

Part one published on Virily on May 24, 2018.


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Winter 28 Unicorn

Watching Elmar leave Morgus’ office with Barran, Morgus is certain he was clear on their mission. They are to come back with a dragoman who can quickly deliver a message to the Trades Guild Hall near Hampton Market.

As has recently become his habit, he returns to scribing his new spell into his spell tome.


Rushing down two steps at a time descending the wide staircase toward the sound of the shouting, Morgus is trying to hear clearly what the pampaloo is saying.

“Get that hound the Seven Hells out of my dining room! … NOW!”

Recognizing the cracking old voice of the baron, Morgus steps into the overtly opulent three-hundred-year-old forty-foot long by thirty-foot wide dining hall of the Drescol’s, Hessan manor.

Seeing Baron Hessan wagging his finger at the City Watches mage, the young Toyfem, Halda, the Baron’s mage interferes quickly.

Morgus asks, as Square runs to his side with her tail held between her legs and she has the blue-wool ball in her mouth. “Baron, what is the issue?”

Grunting with sharp short breaths pumping in and out, Larap glares at Halda who is bowing her head. The pampaloo utters, “the wench from the city was tossing that ball to your beast in MY dining hall … this is not acceptable! … ever!”

With a single nod, Morgus answers, “my apology Baron Hessan. We overstepped your respect … we’ll play with Square outside. I’m sure that Mage Halda saw no harm in doing this inside with it raining today. We apologize … I’m sure … I won’t have it happen again. Now, Baron, you’re still recovering from your surgery … you shouldn’t even be up and about … never mind exerting yourself so.”

Gesturing to his abdomen, Larap replies, “those fine priests you brought me saw to healing the surgery. I’m fine that way … see to it there are no more shenanigan’s in here again … or the mage leaves … I care not how far she is in her studies … period!”

The baron huffs and marches out, stomping his shuffling feet.

With hesitation, Halda walks cautiously over to Morgus, and asks, “is he serious … he’d kick me out with the studies unfinished?”

Giving her a slight nod, Morgus replies, “yes!”

She blinks before saying, “okay! … so, I don’t mess around in the manor or annoy the Baron. What about you? … what would annoy you to kicking me out?”

Morgus chuckles, “Easy! … annoying the Baron! Come to my office and let’s have a drink of the Baron’s wine … Square likes it.”

Winter 29 Unicorn

“You understand the message! I want the guild to send mason/engineers here for interviews for employment in a contract to build a stone cathedral. I’m taking interviews between the thirtieth and fortieth of Winter.” Confirms Morgus the last time as he’s escorting the Toymal youth to the front door. He hands the youth two Flairs and the usury note for 400.00 coins from Baron Hessan. A note for the amount which Morgus suspects the petition will cost them.

Then having already eaten an evening meal, with this task complete Morgus heads up to his Chamberlain’s office to study the heavy bureaucracy tomes.

Winter 31 Unicorn

Inviting Halda into his lab where he’s studying his research, Morgus nods in acknowledgement.

The City Watches mage grins with a child’s eagerness. “I did it … I tested the spell yesterday again after I finished scribing it … I’m done.”

Standing to clasp arms with Halda, Morgus’ smile stretches cheek-to-cheek, this visit only cost him two-hundred coin in research supplies, of the two-thousand coins she paid him. “Congratulations my friend, well done.”

Her smile turns upside down as she replies, “unfortunately I’ve used up all of my spell tomes space.”

Giving her a wink, Morgus says, “good fortune shines on you then, as I’m making parchment to construct mage tomes. Would you desire that I build you one? I have a vassal acquiring hides for my use to make tomes.”

Eyes widening as her grin returns, she asks, “how much for a fifty-page tome?”

Without hesitating, Morgus responds, “keep us company here a few more days, as Square and Elmar both like you, and I’ll make one for seven-thousand.”

Immediately thrusting out her arm she says, “that’s a bargain from any craftsman, done.”

Sitting back down, Morgus replies, “one should be ready for you by Spring forty.”

Grinning widely, Halda accepts the tumbler of wine offered by Morgus and then sits near the table with him.


With a shrug, he breathes a huge sigh of relief after he had spent over forty minutes memorizing the ‘Lance,’ spell he has completed scribing into his spell tome.

Morgus rapidly rises from his seat.

He walks downstairs in a rush and out to the waste pit behind the outbuildings.

Seeing an old oak barrel on the edge of the pit, Morgus stands about thirty feet away and looking at the old trash he utters “hasting,” as he points at the barrel.

A shock wave harsh as a lance of force bursts forth from in front of Morgus.

The lance is an area of a force of about five-foot radius and traverses a range of sixty-feet long which smashes everything in its path to bits. Obliterating the barrel and so much more.

Shaking his head with a straight grin, Morgus mutters, “too much!”

A tap on his shoulder draws his attention. As he turns to look, he spots Elmar grinning too.

The Elfmal asks, “you’re not using that inside?”

With a high shrug, Morgus replies, “a bit of overkill … right?”

Nodding, Elmar answers, “too much!”


They walk to the manor where Larap greets them in the greeting hall. “What was that boom? … you making explosives, Mage?” asks the Baron.

Gesturing with a sideways rocking of his hand, Morgus responds, “it was a spell that I’m powering up!”

The baron frowns deeply as his eyes squint. “Not in my house!”

 “I agree,” says Morgus eagerly, thinking, ‘perhaps study another spell?


He sits after he finishes working with the hides in his ox-hide wash for making the parchment.

He has set a daily routine now. He conducts chamberlain studies in the morning, parchment making in the afternoon.

We now end Morgus episode 017 Part one, ‘Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe,’ on …

Written by, Kenneth Shumaker.


May the words stay with you!


©2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press  

To be continued in the next Morgus episode 017 Part two, ‘Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe,’ on …

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