Morgus, E016 Part two, Purple Rhinoceros Straw


Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 016 Part two, ‘Purple Rhinoceros Straw’

Written on January 10, 2018.

Part one published on Virily on May 10, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on May 17, 2018.

We continue now with Morgus episode E016 Part two, ‘Purple Rhinoceros Straw’ …

Winter 27 Unicorn

Two surgery aids scurry about in the continuous light supplied by Morgus.

Larap lays on the old barren table with his chest and abdomen bare while Bettel confirms her razor-sharp knives are clean and ready.

Before walking out of the room with Morgus, Ada confirms with Bettel. “You’re sure? It’ll take most of the god-light day?”

As she sets the last knife on the bench next to her surgery table, the healer looks over at the matron. “Yes, and have your priests here in case the gods call upon Baron Hessan.”


Praying a second time for his strongest healing prayer to Imvor, Hez observes the bleeding vessel seal over and stop leaking. Clapping his hands once, he utters, “I think that fixes it. Baron Larap’s not bleeding anymore. I’m not sure why he jolts like that … my ‘paralysis’ potion should still be holding him still. But obviously, he reacted to the last cut you made … do you need more potion?”

Finished, she wipes her hands on a towel, Bettel shakes her head. “No, that was the last incision I needed to make to remove the gallbladder. It’s a matter of sewing him back up if he’ll hold still now.”

Hon steps forward to the table. “How long do you need?”

Scrutinizing the wound and its nearly healed incisions, she answers, “an hour should do it.”

With another quick prayer from Hez, the priest picks up a needle and stabs Larap – no reaction.

The Jalmal priest of Imvor grins. “That should hold him.”

With deft quickness, Bettel begins the process of stitching together the surgical wound with neat, precise close stitches of catgut thread. She starts to close the wound which she had created in Larap, with precise, neat movements.


Things seemed bleak for the household as it had seemed they were going to lose their benefactor, Baron Larap Hessan. The old goat took four hold prayers from Hez and a great deal of attention from Bettel sewing him up after the surgery to remove his gallbladder.

Looking over the organ examining it, the healer let out a whistle then said, “I’ve rarely removed one so solid and plugged. He must have been in pain for some time.

Setting the damaged organ in the wooden basin, she wipes off her hands as she peers into Morgus’ eyes while she grins. “There is the matter of pay … whether he lives or dies. The rest of my thirty coins. Plus, twenty for my services and five for each of my aides.”

With a wave of his hand for her to follow him, Morgus starts walking to Larap’s office. In the office, he retrieves fifty coins from a small treasury chest. Handing these to the healer, he then holds his hand out, Morgus says, “two Flairs per person per night that you stay here.”

Chuckling the woman hands twelve of the gold coins back to Morgus. “You still are evil, Morgut!”

With a nod, Morgus returns the coins to the chest. “I know … you like it?”

Turning to walk out, Bettel places the remaining coins in her pouch. “No! … same rooms as last night?”

Locking the chest and putting the lock key on his own key ring, Morgus glances up. “Same rooms.”


Morgus puts down the purple drinking straw made from exotic rhinoceros horn. The straws are said to be acquired in southern Shespan.

He chuckles at what it must have cost to retrieve and bring these brought here.

Enquiring of their Master a few days ago, Morgus discovered that Larap has two of the straws. He gave Morgus one when the mage came back from torching the estate to the south a several days ago. This gift was as a reminder as to what Morgus is protecting here and what he stands to lose.

Damn it he can’t help Larap now, the Baron is in the hands of the gods.

Bettel said they’d know his fate better in the morning, that they’ll know then if the Baron will live or die.

Written by, Kenneth Shumaker


©2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press

To be continued in the next Morgus episode E017, ‘Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe’ …

May the words stay with you!


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    • LOL, Cool, My first love is writing science fiction but the publishers pick up my medieval fantasy first. Glad you like Morgus, you may like Dragoman Bloodgrue, he’s a bit twisted but has no magic, being as he’s a city dragoman apprentice. And has a lover’s side but a nasty side eventual mutilating before saving the life of his Master in about I think episode 65 or so.