Morgus, E017 Part three, Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe


Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 017 Part three, ‘Yellow Gargoyle Giraffe’

Written on April 23, 2018.

Part one published on Virily on May 24, 2018.

Part two published on Virily on May 31, 2018.

Part three published on Virily on June 7, 2018.

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Winter 35 Unicorn

The applicant is a Jalmal of over thirty-years age.

In the interview, he stresses a strong career with plenty of experience. Referring to work projects he claims he was in charge of.

They talk for quite awhile until Morgus is ready to conclude the interview. “How much do you seek, Master Godwise?”

The young engineer replies, “I can command ten Flairs a day, plus room and board for myself, my family and apprentices.

Not stifling a chesty groan, Morgus replies, “a little rich for what I had in mind … how about six a day and the rest?”

Grumbling, Godwise mumbles a few curses then nods, answering, “okay!”

After making his notes, Morgus states, “you may stay in the staff bunk room until I determine who we’re hiring for the contract.”

Winter 36 Unicorn

Morgus and the staff watch the eight-foot-plus tall yellow giraffe amble across the manor’s courtyard at mid-afternoon.

Turning to the visiting mage who is standing next to him, Morgus says, “so you’re known as the Yellow Gargoyle, and your specialty is illusions! … well met Gargoyle!”

The two clasp arms, with Morgus watching as the ambling giraffe winks out of existence, the guest says, “I’d heard about your work and thought that I’d like to meet you.”

Smiling benignly, Morgus replies, “you embarrass me … how did you hear of me?”

With a wink, the Gargoyle replies, “through the vines … there are rumours of a fire mage here … care to show me yours?”

Morgus steps forward into the courtyard as the City Watch mage, who is standing next to the Gargoyle, proudly replies, “I’ve seen him incinerate two walking-dead with one cast of a spell.”

Placing thumb to thumb with his pointing fingers in a fan away from him and his guests, at his abdominal height, Morgus boldly says, “fire,” releasing the spell.

He is rewarded with an inch’s thick sheet of brilliant yellow-orange flames reaching outward more than seven feet from his fingertips.

Giving a sharp whistle, Gargoyle utters, “nice!”

The three mages turn and walk back to enter the manor as the staff disperses, and the three climb up to Morgus’ personal office for wine and to socialize.

Gargoyle remains to socialize for two hours before excusing herself to return home in District 5.

Winter 39 Unicorn

The drink is still warm in the crystalline tumbler as Morgus sits on the soft-cushioned chair by the roaring fire which Ada has stoked for Larap. Morgus looks at Ada and one last time raises his eyebrow.

She nods from her position as Ada stands by the desk.

Turning to Larap, Morgus clears his throat, “Baron, as is my duty to you I have discovered the culprit who broke your ceramic horse art figurine.”

In a sharp jolt, the pampaloo faces Morgus. “You’re serious? … you did?”

“I did, but for me to tell … you must promise me two things.”

The eager baron nods.

Looking at the baron in his eyes. “You must promise that the person will not lose their job. And that you’ll accept half of the 600.00 coins as payment in restitution.”

Quick as a striking viper, Larap offers his arm.

The two clasp arms, then Morgus points to Ada. “Ada was cleaning and moved the figurine. She dropped it … breaking the piece over three seasons ago, Baron. You haven’t noticed for three seasons that your piece is broken. I’ll deliver the three hundred to you, and Ada will return to her duties … in addition … you’ll stop harassing Mage Halda, please.”

Shaking visibly, Larap glares menacingly at Ada. “Be warned, I better not find another issue.” Turning back to Morgus, he says, “how much longer must I suffer the mage’s intrusion?”

Shaking his head, Morgus replies, “I’m not certain, it could be days … or six-days. As long as it takes her to learn and then scribe the spell.”


The day has worn on. Morgus has finished five sixteen-inch square sheets of mage spell tome quality, parchment. Plus, he came to a decision on who he’s working with as a mason/engineer.

Calling the three applicants to the chamberlain’s office, in turn, he informed each of their fate.


Having invited the first mason/engineer which he interviewed to his office last after dismissing the other two applicants, Morgus says, “so, Wenda we’re hiring you to design and build the dressed-cut-stone, Imvor Cathedral of Hessan. Your wage is set at 5.50 per day, plus you’ll receive your room and board, to work with the project, with the project having a budget of ten-thousand coins. You start tomorrow with your office being in the craftshop on the third floor … I expect you to start with designing the cathedral and then start hiring the workers.”

Offering her arm to clasp, Wenda has a bigger smile than she’s offered him at any time so far. She says, “thank you!”

Nodding deep chin to chest, Morgus replies, “I’ll be away for several days. I hope you’re self-sufficient … if you need any help, you’ll need to ask Ada.”

Written by, Kenneth Shumaker.


May the words stay with you!


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