Morgus, E018, Part three, Gargoyle-gray Two-headed Lizard


Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 018, Part three,  ‘Gargoyle-gray Two-headed Lizard’

Written on May 19, 1018.

Part one published on June 14, 2018. 

Part two published on Virily on June 21, 2018.

Part three published on Virily on June 28, 2018.

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Winter 49 Unicorn

The team is staying in rooms and using the stables of the College, as last night they arrived with just over an hour of gods-light left in the day.

This morning, when Morgus checked in at the College registry, he was given this appointment at gods-rise with Bishop Lasta of Imvor and Bishop Hala of Ikerus. Both are from the registry council of the college.

Both of the bishops appear to be over a hundred-years-old as Morgus is observing them, while Lasta is a Jalfem, Hala is an even older Jalmal.

Addressing them both, Morgus says evenly, “I come from Baron Hessan to petition the college to sanction work we propose. May I present our proposal?”

Both nod once.

Standing tall and straight upright, Morgus says, “we plan to build a Hessan Cathedral of Imvor.”

Both smile and nod again.

Lasta says, “register its commission of construction for four-hundred coin, we’ll sanction it, I’ve heard of Baron Hessan.”

“Okay, with that agreed, we’d also like to ask you to appoint Cleric Hez of Imvor as our Cathedral’s Bishop!”

With a nod, Lasta says, “I may agree.”

Hala though shakes his head as violently as a century old pampaloo can, “no, the College appoints qualified registered Bishops. They are elected from among our own registered college clerics.”

Not finished, Morgus offers, “what if I offer the College a thousand coin?”

Both stare blankly at Morgus.

Then slowly, Hala says, “go on!”

Seizing the moment, Morgus continues, “Cleric Hez has aided me in dealing with eight wights and in the terminating of all eight. He has conducted the Right of Passage for all eight without complaint … a holier man I have not had the company of … excepting present company of course!”

The two both stare blankly at Morgus, they’re unmoving.

Undaunted, Morgus adds, “what if we add a second thousand coin?”

Becoming infuriated, Hala leans forward scowling, he utters, “Now you’re buying his position without us knowing this cleric … six-thousand … or send the cleric here for examination!”

Lasta hesitantly nods in agreement.

Leaning forward, Morgus replies for clarification, “I go back with both documents, and I’ll send back six-thousand.”

Shaking their heads, Lasta replies in his croaking tone, “send the six-thousand or the cleric to receive your documents.”

With a deep throaty sigh, Morgus nods. “Fine! … Okay!”

Winter 57 Unicorn

The ride home for the team, of over the hundred plus kilometres, was uneventful, arriving home yesterday at dusk.

This morning Morgus sits in the opulent office of Larap, with a warm mead in hand and the two are sitting by the fire. Morgus is recalling the days on the road with the days of ice on the open water.

Observing Larap, Morgus can see the man now has better skin colour and appears to have fleshed out a bit more. His eyes are brighter this morning as he snickers at Morgus. Then the pampaloo says, “you were gone a long time! … it was actually quiet around here … I was missing you! … odd!”

“No? … really?” jests Morgus.

Snickering again, Larap replies, “true!”

Morgus takes a drink, before he says, “so you’ll give me the position of full Chamberlain permanently … so I can keep annoying you!”

Bursting out laughing jovially, Larap’s eyes water before he settles down and replies, “Seven Hell’s, no!” He takes another drink then says, “at least not yet!”

Morgus lets out a shallow belly sigh, and then says, “I try!”

Larap grins and nods.

“Anyway, Baron, we have business to tend to, you need to send Holingston House Trade Registrar Kas a note for nine-hundred coins or send a chest with nine-hundred coin. Here is your five-hundred note …” as Morgus hands the usury note back to Larap the pampaloo waves it away rejecting the return. Morgus continues by saying, “it’s for our registering of smiths and engineer and the cathedral building project.”

A wave of his hand. “Go on!”

Morgus adds, “the College of Religions also wants six-thousand to sanction our Hessan Cathedral and for them to approve our choice of bishop … or we send Hez to the college’s registry council for assessment with his possible removal from the estate.”

Nodding once while keeping his eyes on Morgus, Larap then asks, “anything else you thief?”

Shaking his head once, Morgus replies, “no! … I think I stole enough from you with that!”

Standing, the baron ambles over to his desk and rings his silver hand bell twice.

Then he returns to sit with Morgus again. “I’ll do up your Chamberlain papers today and send it with the coins to register you.”


Ada arrives as Morgus and Larap are discussing income possibilities.

The Baron instructs Ada to summon Elmar and Barran in full travel gear, as well as to have eight-thousand coin drawn forth from his vault.

Acknowledging Larap, Ada glances at Morgus, with a raised eyebrow before rushing away to summon the two warriors.


Bowing to first the Baron, then Morgus, both Elmar and Barran are in full uniform as they present themselves.

Motioning to Morgus, Larap utters somewhat vaguely, “I’ve been talking with my new permanent full-time chamberlain about his trip away from here recently with you Elmar … Apparently, you earned a commendation twice on the trip … I’ll see that it’s on your records. Now you’re going to earn your fees again, both of you are retracing that journey, and you’re taking the carriage to deliver coins to the two places which we indicate to you. You’re to give messages to the people we tell you too.”

Turning a slightly redder pink skin tone, Elmar replies, “I was simply doing my job.”

Waving them away, “yes, yes! You leave in the morning! Morgus’ll give you your instructions, now all of you leave me to rest! Leave the damn golden-hound with me though!”

Morgus leaves with the warriors, while he indicates to Square to stay with Larap.

Written by, Kenneth Shumaker.


May the words stay with you!


©2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press  

To be continued in the next Morgus episode E019, ‘Turquoise Seal Chair’ …


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