Morgus, E018 Part two, Gargoyle-gray Two-headed Lizard


Written by Kenneth Shumaker

Episode 018, Part two, ‘Gargoyle-gray Two-headed Lizard’

Written on May 19, 1018.

Part one published on June 14, 2018. 

Part two published on Virily on June 21, 2018.

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Winter 42 Unicorn

Evening arrives to find the travellers near the trade hall with their being only a few minutes ride away.

Morgus and Elmar discuss their options and decide to continue and try to find lodging nearby the Hall. They watch as they ride for any inns or bed and breakfast.

They ride until they’re fifteen minutes beyond the Trade Hall, which is called Holingston House, when Elmar spots the glowing lights on in a window at bed and breakfast just off the avenue a little way, sitting back out in the dark.

The two approach the small entryway and Morgus gives two sharp raps on the door panel.

A couple of minutes later an older Toymal answers their knock. He says, “gods-grace and good fates, Master?”

Bowing a waist-deep bow, Morgus straightens then says, “Master, gods-grace and good fate as well. We seek lodging for the night!”

The man shakes his head a few times slowly, then responds, “sorry we’re full … we’ve no room.”

With a deep frown, Morgus considers this then asks, “any recommendations?”

As he quickly closes the door, the man mutters, “no!”

Stepping back from the door quickly to avoid it slamming on him, Morgus turns to Elmar. “Let’s work our way back to Holingston and see if anyone in a house’ll put us up for the night!”

Hastily mounting their horses, they ride back west to seek lodging in a home/business, and Morgus tries again repeatedly.

Arriving at one, Morgus talks with a younger mature adult Jalmal.

The two travellers are again, rudely sent on their way.

At the next residence, they try they encounter an Elffem of a young and smallish stature. She is much friendlier toward Morgus. “I don’t rent rooms, but there might be someplace.”

Eager, Elmar steps up. “Amin harmuva onalle e’ cormamin!”

Morgus adds, “I’ll offer ten-coin if you’ll help us.”

She turns to Elmar and smiles and then says, “my good warrior. I know of you … you’re the Record Keeper of Hortel … I accept your kindness … I reject this man’s offer though.”

Winking once, Elmar asks with a straight, grim face. “Then perhaps you can tell us where we could rest tonight?”

Bowing to Elmar yet again, she continues smiling. She then turns to answer Morgus, “yes, my elder! … Heru en amin, you could rest at the Trade Hall residence … for their fee. It is numen lempe minutes from here … by horse.”

Curtseying to her, Elmar asks, “Mellonamin, ya do we address?”

The Elffem replies smoothly, “Daughter of Ecara … Jurea!”

Both elves bow and say, “Namaarie, mae govannen, Umbrea! Vanya sulie!”


Several minutes later the team arrives at the Trade Hall residence as directed by Jurea. Entering the Hall, Morgus books them both rooms and as well stabling for the two horses, easily acquiring these for 1.20 coin for the night.

Quickly, with Morgus paying the fees from his own coin purse, the two then stable their horses and retire for a night’s fitful sleep.

Winter 43 Unicorn

Being extra diligent, Morgus arrives at 1528 Lornst Avenue’s, Holingston House, the Trade Guild Hall, more than an hour before the two day-gods rise.

Addressing the receptionist who is sitting at a large well-used office desk in the front foyer, Morgus asks, “gods-grace and good fate this fine morning Master. I hope you farewell. I am mage Morgus, the Chamberlain for Baron Hessan. I come seeking a registrar. Is it possible to have an appointment?”

Impressed somewhat by the easy introduction, the receptionist nods, and says, “indeed, god’s-grace and good fate, I think Registrar Kas is open this afternoon? Will that work?”

Chuckling slightly, Morgus then asks, “what time?”

She looks at her chalkboard on the wall behind her, then turning back to Morgus she replies, “noon?”

“I’ll be here,” responds Morgus.


At half-an-hour after noon, Morgus is sitting fidgeting in a tightly filled large office with a younger mature Jalmal. “Registrar Kas, it is my pleasure to greet you! I’m Baron Hessan’s Chamberlain. I’m here to register a few of our people … if I may?”

Gesturing non-committedly with one hand, Kas asks, “so, tell me who you intend to register?”

Clearing his throat, Morgus lists the ones he intends to register now. “We have a new journeyman finesmith, our smith is named Hez. We will also be registering warrior Tussel as his new smithing apprentice … third, we have a new project we’re registering and also the engineer who is building it. The project is our Hessan Cathedral of Imvor with Journeyman Engineer Wenda building it.”

“A little ambitious, aren’t you? … Larap hasn’t done anything new in over a decade! How’d you open his coin chest?”

Putting the five-hundred-coin usury note on the desk, Morgus replies, “earning his trust and opening the future for him.”

Pushing back the note, Kas responds, “double that if you want to fully register all those.”

Nodding once, Morgus smiles, he then replies, “I’ll send a note as soon as I return to Hessan estate if you’ll take nine-hundred instead.”

Observing Morgus, predatory, Kas ponders this then standing he offers his arm.

Morgus also stands and clasps arms with the Registrar.

Both sit as Kas then begins scribing the series of documents and then scribes their duplicates. He signs and seals all of these and gives Morgus copies of each. This is all completed before Morgus bids him good fate and excuses himself, four hours after arriving for the appointment at noon.

Returning to the Trade Hall residence with their new documents, Morgus instructs Elmar to stock the two horses for another full ten days travel for the team of the two of them.

Winter 44 Unicorn

Leaving the residence, the team heads east toward the College of Religions in the Desserman District, located at 3 Hoserman Road, about sixty kilometres away.

He recalls that Desserman is the original settlement area of the city and that the college was the first educational institution of the state. This makes the area having been inhabited for over four-thousand years of recorded history, that is according to his University training knowledge.

This ends Morgus E018, part two, ‘Gargoyle-gray Two-headed Lizard,’ …

Written by, Kenneth Shumaker.


May the words stay with you!


©2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press  

To be continued in the next Morgus episode E018, part three, ‘Gargoyle-gray Two-headed Lizard,’ …


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