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Meditating on an Evening Walk on Campus

Tuesday, 1.14.20

This evening, I went on a local walking meetup at UCI, which is across the street. Only 9 people showed up. The campus was still crowded with students. I was meditating while walking. When I returned home, I noticed I walked 4.3 miles, 9,773 steps, and 10 floors. There were lots of steps and bridges at UCI. As I was watching a Punk series on the indie channel, I noticed the word “Punk” actually meant a young person being fucked in the ass in prison. I thought it meant punk rocker. 


What do you think?


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  1. That is an interesting note – i.e. expressed in a somewhat forthright way! – on the origin of the word “punk”. I am not sure that the origin you cite is the actual first appearance of the word. A source I have seen cites uses in the 16th century, simply meaning a prostitute – presumably female.

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