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What made “All Star Superman” a unique cartoon movie

The first time I saw the animated movie called “All Star Superman” it had kind of a bittersweet ending since the belief that Superman in an iconic hero that cannot die.

The story was interesting since Superman’s main rival Lex Luthor who despises Superman for the reasons like that Superman who is an alien from Krypton that went poof during a huge earthquake that killed the majority of the people in that planet save for a handful of Kryptonians who were either in the Phantom Zone which is the prison for Kryptonians who committed crimes or Superman’s cousin Supergirl who depending on which story you believe is either training her cousin or vice versa.

The debate at the end of the animated movie “All Star Superman” is did Superman really die since at the end of the cartoon, Superman was turning into an energy being and his ultimate sacrifice was to repair the sun or else all life on Earth would cease to exist if he did not leave Earth to repair the sun that was going to turn into another color than yellow which is the source of Superman’s powers of flight, speed and strength.

When Superman bid farewell to his best friend Lois Lane, she wept that her best friend had to leave the Earth to repair the sun. But Lois said it best when she told Jimmy Olsen “He is not dead. He is repairing the sun. And when he is done, he will be back. And I will be waiting for him.”

The final scene of Superman repairing the sun as an energy being is priceless to his fan base who see him as the hero that makes us we all could be like him since despite being an alien from another planet, he served as the Strongman Of Metropolis and the world.

The final question of the movie was “Who took over the guardian role of Metropolis?” In my view his cousin Power Girl would make a great replacement due to her body build and blonde hair. What say you?

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