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Let’s have some fun with IDIOMS!!

“Idioms are words, phrases or expressions that are not interpreted logically or literally”

I’ve added a few examples to illustrate some common idioms.



#1 Can’t judge a book by its cover

Meaning:  You cannot judge something based on its appearance

#2 Cry over spilled milk

Meaning:  Complaining about something that happened in the past

#3 Penny for your thoughts

Meaning:  It's a way of asking someone what they're thinking about

#4 Bad hair day

Meaning:  My hair looks horrible today!

#5 A bed of roses

Meaning:   An easy and peaceful existence 

#6 Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched

Meaning:  Don't count on something before it happens

#7 It was all a masquerade

Meaning:  It was all a charade or fake

#8 He’s a real cheapskate

Meaning:  He's cheap or thrifty with his money 

#9 Black sheep of the family

Meaning:  A person in the family who is considered a failure

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