If Iran wish I am ready to meet – Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump said that he is ready to meet Iranian leadership without any condition, and whenever iran wants.

In the White House press conference with the Italian Prime Minister, Donald Trump has said. He is ready to meet Iranian leadership and he believe Iranian leadership will also want to meet him. However where when and where Iranian wish to meet, there is no pre-condition.

Donald Trump said, I believe in dialog and can meet anyone, there is no matter of power or weakness but i prefer to negotiate . I want a meaningful deal with Iran, the former US government was a waste of paper on Iran’s nuclear deal.The President added, that the meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rohani will be better for the United States, Iran, ours and the world.

Be clear that aggressive statement has been observed in past few days between two nation top leadership. The US President had said that Iran should not threaten America any more rather would have to face serious consequences, When the Iranian general had stated that if US start the war, than Iran will end the war.

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