Hidden Cities (Part Two)

Here’s the second part of Hidden Cities puzzle.

Find first part here:  Hidden Cities Part One

For those who are new to this game, hidden in these sentences are names of cities. The sentences are not clues to be solved but you have to look at the words carefully to discover the name of a city hidden within them.

Discover the names and post them in comments but do not look at the answers submitted by other people before trying on your own.

To give other people a chance, can I make  request? Please do not answer more than four at a time. If there are any puzzles still unsolved 24 hours later, return and answer them again. this is just a request, Feel free to answer all if you wish to do so.

As a challenge try to post one puzzle sentence with a hidden city for the next person to solve.

Good luck!

  1. Government should act to stop a rise in commodity prices.
  2. Match between Federer and Nadal lasted for four hours.
  3. Nemo scowled ferociously at Dory.
  4. Is it ok, you seem unsure?
  5. Why am I languishing over my books when the weather’s so lovely outside..
  6. Who’s a Karl Marx fan here?
  7. Fateh ran as fast as he could to save the boy.
  8. The Queen gave a gracious nod towards the people.


What do you think?

Written by Dawnwriter


  1. I didn’t get #5 or #8. Must try later. To not spoil it for others I won’t put any of the ones I got here.

    Who can find the city in here?

    ::::::::::: When doing voiceover, it’s hard to make the dub link to the lip movement. ::::::::::::