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Greensleeves – feat. Tim Foust

What would happen if you put Tim Foust of Home Free together with Peter Hollens? Magic and beauty mixed together and wrapped in a song.

The song is the classic; Greensleeves. The background is the Oregon Coast, probably in late afternoon or evening, judging from the way the reflection of the sun on the Pacific Ocean looks. 

The interesting thing to note in this song is that although it sounds like there are two soloists, Tim and Peter (and there are), it also sounds like there are quite a few background singers. There aren’t. All the voices, including the background vocals, are Tim and Peter. These two have done a number of songs together, which is great because their voices blend well together.

Incidentally, Peter Hollens is a trained classical singer and a teacher. He is also a husband and a father. Peter’s wife, Evynne, is also a singer and has a gorgeous voice.

Tim got married in December 2016, marrying his longtime girlfriend and best friend.


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Written by Rex Trulove


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