A Crazy Meeting – Part IX

At the end of Sean Pine’s presentation at the Science Fiction Conference, the women ran to line up for an autograph.

If Lorraine was alone she wouldn’t have thought of it, but being in a group of women, being part of their fantasy world, she went with them.

Sean Pine sat behind a table and the women lined up and one at a time they approached. He didn’t look up, simply put out his hand for something to sign.

The women spoke to him and he answered briefly, rarely looking up. It was her turn, she handed the brochure she had gotten which listed the events, he signed, and she walked out of the room. Many of the women were gushing and discussing him, but Lorraine, who had adopted the pose of the ‘quiet one’ only listened.

They were leaving for to them, the Conference was Sean Pine. Lorraine who would never attend another such function, would stay until the last.


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Written by jaylar

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