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yokai ronin – WIP

and here we have another yokai ronin. and while she doesn’t have a master, she does have a boss. in fact, her boss might steal her hat but that is still TBD. this version is still plenty rough…

#1 openGL render

part of the reason I do these renders is to avoid clipping errors like the one on her sleeve. did I fix it?

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#2 sword set

I don't want this character to have the training shinai, but an actual sword. since this one has a sheath, she can use that both defensively and offensively as well

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#3 scabbard

the scabbard with some material tweaks

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#4 closeup

here is a closeup of the sword, which looks like a proto katana

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#5 test render

nope, didn't fix it. didn't even realize it was there

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What do you think?

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