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Awkward (2011-2016): TV Show Review

The next thing I would like to review is a TV show called Awkward.  It was aired on MTV for 5 seasons from 2011 to 2016.

The show is about a girl who was very unpopular (on her blog she called her self the invisible girl). She gained some popularity after she has an accident which the other students falsely claim it as a suicide attempt.

The show follows her high school years and the awkwardness of the whole drama.  The show also goes on to show some of the girl’s (Jenna) college life.

I think the show portrays pretty well what most high school students go through.  I like the show for the fact that it is relate-able. There are elements of the show that I am not as big a fan of (like the language and sexual nature of the show).  However, I like the plot of the show.

The actors do a great job at their roles, at least in my opinion.  I personally wanted the show to continue, but unfortunately it ended in the 5th season.  I wanted to see where things would go from where they left off.  There are a lot of shows like that, and Awkward is definitely on that list.

What would I rate the show? 6.5/10

I gave it a bit of a lower rating because of the language and sexual content.  Had it been a cleaner show it would have got a much higher rating from me.

If you have seen the show, what did you think of it? Would you rate it similar to what I rated it?  I would love to hear your thoughts on the show (and my review).


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  1. My cable system took away MTV a few years ago so I have never seen this show. To put things into focus, my final year and one half was like boot camp due to my country of origin (Panama) being voted “Most likely to overthrow a government.” Believe it or not. That is why I stay quiet about politics.