What Does Astrology Say About Your Character?

If you want to get to know yourself better, try and check out the astrology department. You might find out that the zodiac hides many interesting things about yourself. Whether you are born leader, sweetheart, adventurer or family person, you can find out here:

1. The Leaders

Astrology-Scorpio leaders

The statistics show that the leaders department is mainly occupied by one zodiac sign: Scorpio, followed by Leo and Sagittarius.  Most secretive of all, conspirator and little bit of selfish, a typical Scorpio is nonetheless a born leader.


Scorpio fits well in the wealth department, too. Bill Gates as the richest man in the world, is a proud Scorpio. Scorpios are fierce, bold and ambitious and they have all the necessary traits for success.

Natural born leaders are also Leo and Sagittarius. Leos world leaders occupy 18 positions as head of countries all around the world, as well as Sagittarius leaders.

2. The Lovers

The first place goes to… Libra. This is the ultimate romantic sign and the greatest lover of them all.

Astrology- Libra the Lover

The Venus ruled sign, this sign represents the love and the harmony. Balanced life and exciting love experiences are their staples. You can not resist the charm of a Libra!

Astrology- Libra Lovers

3. The Adventurers

The gold medal of adventurism is in the hands of Sagittarius.


Astrology- Sagittarius the traveler


Sagittarius Traveler

Well deserved, Sag! The impatient traveler and Adrenalin addict is truly a cosmopolitan person. You can find these people in the wild jungles,  sandy beaches and high mountains, because the typical Sagittarius is always on the go searching for a new thrill.

4. The Scientists

The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the ruler of communications, movement and writing. The Gemini people are scientific types, therefore they enjoy learning, creating, thinking and communicating.

Astrology- Gemini-scientist


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