7 Reasons Leaders Should Improve Their Writing Skills

Meta description: In a contemporary texting world writing skills in leadership is important. Tools such as Skype and Google Hangouts are a daily part of many businesses. However, writing skills still play an important role in leadership. They persist fundamental for any aspiring manager or director.

Leaders are a source of inspiration for many people. They influence people in various ways, and many people look up to them for directions. Each leader has own style of influencing people. But the best leaders are those who are expressive in nature, and those who can communicate well. This is both in speech and writing. Our concern is the requisite writing skills that every leader should strive to have. A leader should set the standard for people to follow. A leader should place the bar and master the art of writing. But what is the rationale behind it? Let’s consider seven reasons as to why leaders should improve their writing skills.

It Improves Their Credibility and Reputation

Have you ever been put off by bad writing because there are not only mistakes in it, but also the lack of understanding it brings? We know many of you have. Even when it’s from your buddy or an acquaintance, it’s still a put-off. Now imagine it being a notable figure in society. Wouldn’t it be quite embarrassing and offending? Indeed, a leader should not afford to lack writing skills. Their reputations and credibility are closely tied to it.

A leader’s writing skills should match the professional qualifications that he/she holds and also the accolades that he/she has. It’s not just sufficient for a leader to posture themselves as experienced and knowledgeable. They should demonstrate these through their ability to express themselves and communicate in writing. Lacking writing skills could be detrimental as there is no rational person that would give an audience to a leader who cannot even write well.

Written Communication Still Dominates the World of Communication

The world of communication has changed drastically. It has seen the entry of new mediums such as apps, smartphones, and social media networks. Visual communication has also taken center stage whereby audio-visual information dominates. But even with all these changes and new developments, written communication has still stood the test of time. There hasn’t been a decrease in written communication taking place. In fact, when analyzed closely, written communication has even increased with these developments. Whether you are using a cell phone, social media or mobile apps to convey information, you would inevitably have to text or send an instant message.

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Thus, it is evident that written communication still dominates a huge part of contemporary life. In fact, it is leaders who still use much of it today, be it in emails, proposals, press releases, memos and the likes. It then follows that leaders have to up their game and perfect their writing skills if they are to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Written Words Can Amplify Your Vision Across Various Audiences

Every leader ought to have a vision that he/she delights to share with others. This vision should be understood and accepted by the ascription of followers so that the person gets the legitimacy to subject everyone to his/her agenda. In some instances, clarification may be necessary to keep everyone on the same page. In all these scenarios, written communication is an essential element which used alongside other elements, such as individual interaction, helps a leader to effectively share a vision to multiple audiences. Translating your vision into words enables it to have outreach and mass appeal. In the case of organizations, written words are used to communicate the vision to the external and internal environment. Therefore, every leader should improve their writing skills so that they humanize their brand and ultimately reach the widest audience possible.

To Maintain Their Leadership

All leaders should strive to learn and develop themselves for the sake of the people that surround them. This in itself should be a reason for improving their writing skills affordable papers. Since leaders tend to be a fountain of knowledge and inspiration, think of the immense benefits that will accrue to the ascription of followers. In the simple sense, the more a leader writes the bigger portion of inspiration people receive.

It is even evident in history. Notable people in society maintained their leadership for centuries and decades through writing. Think of Mahatma Gandhi. His presence is still felt and revered due to his writings. Therefore, all leaders should borrow a leaf from this example and improve their writing skills.

To Attract Influencers

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Let’s say you’re writing for a social media page, e.g., Facebook. You pour out your heart and thoughts expressively into a well-written piece. The grammar is impeccable, and the flow is amazing. Since you are posting your written piece on a social media platform, some bigwigs stumble across it. They like and comment on the post. These two bigwigs have a massive following on social media. One has over 2 million followers and the other over 500,000 active followers. The two bigwigs get so impressed by your written piece and decide to share it with their followers. In a nutshell, your message spreads across 2.5 million followers. All in the name of being a good writer!

Therefore, leaders should not under-estimate the power of writing. It attracts influencers. These influencers go a long way in creating more followers.

To Become a Conversation Leader in the Industry

How would it feel if every party in an industry uses you as a reference point? This is what impeccable writing skills can do for you. When you publish relevant and insightful content, you position yourself as an authority and a thought leader. Coupled with the fact that most companies are employing content marketing as their main strategy to penetrate markets, being a conversation leader would be pivotal to success. Great writing skills will make you soar above others and ultimately be the reference point of any conversation.

To Motivate

In any organizational setting, there is always the linguistics of who is a boss and who is a leader. For some, these may be two synonyms, but in reality, they denote two distinctive people. A boss is simply a person who is there to ensure work is done. However, a leader will show you how it’s done, help you do it, and even motivate you to do it. One way of motivating your subordinates is through written words. They are able to reach the heart and are better at stimulating action. Leaders should thus improve their writing skill to enable them to motivate other people in a wholesome way.


Indeed, writing skills are essential to leadership. Modern-day dynamics have even made it more crucial as every aspect of communication may involve some form of writing. Written words can transform, and leaders should utilize them to change the world positively.


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Written by Charles Ebert

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