Why the Amazing Spider Man 3 movie was never made

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I have to give to the studios in Hollywood for coming up with their ideas of why a third “Amazing Spider Man 3” was never made after the events of Spider Man coming out of his bereavement period when his close friend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) died during Spider Man’s battle versus Electro (Jaime Foxx).

Call it the Golden Rule which is Sony Pictures who owned the rights to the Amazing Spider Man character gave up the rights of the masked hero to Marvel Studios who had no plans to continue the story of how Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) who continue his duties as Spider-Man protecting the citizens of New York City.

Marvel instead decided to reboot the Spider Man movies by replacing Garfield who was not getting any younger to give the Spider Man character credibility so Garfield was replaced by Tom Holland who is younger than Garfield.

Had a third Amazing Spider Man movie been made either by Sony or Marvel Studios, the plans were for Spider-Man to battle the Sinister Six villains. But we the movie going fans are going to have put being given the short end of the stick by the entertainment studios in Hollywood who only see money.

However we Spider Man fans can always write a fan fiction on how would Spider Man battle the Sinister Six villains. After all we have the last laugh when a studio throws us a curve ball for a called third strike.


What do you think?

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  1. I speculated a couple of reasons why Sony did not start the Spiderman 3 project.
    1. Spiderman 2 was a failure, to put it lightly. There was some parts there that were a bit dragging. If I remember it right, they planning to replace the script writer had they continued the project

    2. Marvel was recalling all their comic characters to be under one banner for one Galactic size movie. The movie would include the Avengers, Guardians of Galaxy, Dr. Strange and other characters under MCU. In the comics story line, it included Spidey, the X-men and other mutants plus the F4…. KNot the band but the Fantastic Four) and of course the super villain that everybody loves.. Dr. Doom.
    Fox studios however will not release the rights to the mutants and the FF and Doom.

    Thus, this huge movie will have to do without them.

    I suppose Sony Pictures saw how grand MCU’s plan is and released Spidey back to his home (thus the title Home Coming)

      • Maybe so. But that’s just the minor reason I guess. But I am expecting Spider-Man to be in the Infinity War / Infinity Gauntlet movie. This is the bigger plan. Of course this means bigger project, bigger income for them.

        On the bright side, bigger income for them, means they could make more expensive and more entertaining movies in the future. It’s a win-win.

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