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If Spider Man saved your life, would you reveal his secret identity?

I remember a scene in the second Spider Man movie that starred Tobey McGuire where for some strange reason I have not been able to figure it out, Spider Man removed his mask while he was attempting to stop a runaway elevated subway from crashing into the ground below.

Since Spider Man could not do things at once like pursuing his rival Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) in the movie and save the passengers of the runaway subway train at that same time unless he was The Flash, his decision to save the passengers of the runway subway train was his top priority of course.

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I do remember in that scene when Spider Man was able to stop the runaway subway train from crashing into the streets down below, the passengers of the train were grateful that the Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man as he is dubbed in the cartoon series that played on television from the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) from 1967-1970.

What made me laugh was that when the passengers saw Spider Man without his mask, they were amazed that he was just a young man. Being grateful, they promised to keep quiet that Peter Parker who is secretly Spider Man saved their life.

Which brings up the subject matter why is it when a teenager plays a super hero role like Terry McGinnis who played the Batman character when he told his mother and little brother he was Batman, they thought that Terry was off his rocker for saying he was a super hero.

Same deal with Spider Man in the rare occasions in the comic books or movies where his secret identity is revealed, people do not take him seriously.

When I asked Spider Man fans on, the answers were Spider Man saved lives, Peter Parker is not a famous person in New York City and who would ever believe that a teenager can be a super hero in New York City.

Since cartoons, movies and television shows are fiction, we should not expect to see events in a fantasy setting to be like it is in real life.


What do you think?

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    • In some of the Spider-Man cartoons some enemies knew that Peter Parker and Spider-Ma are the same person. The villain would tell Spider-Man if he attempted to stop him from commiting a crime, his aunt May would be harmed.

  1. I think that fantasy is most effective when it’s easy to suspend disbelief. If the creator bends too many aspects of reality, it’s harder to immerse ourselves in the fantasy. Just like the best lies are based closely on the truth, the best sci-fi and fantasy bears a striking parallel to some reality (past or present.) This way, the extreme warping of reality is where our attention is drawn. We don’t stop to ask ourselves pesky questions like why a caveman is wearing a digital watch.

    • That is my exact thinking. In the cartoons and comic books, Spider Man never takes off his mask in a public place, I guess Marvel Studios is pushing a new story that some of their heroes should reveal their identities in public these days.