Aftermath of Valentine’s Day High School Shooter

This video exposes Nikolas Cruz, the Florida shooter who killed 17 people at a Florida high school—students and staff on Valentine’s Day. Remember, Valentine’s Day is another Zionist holiday that the Zionist media likes to promote as their romantic holiday to cover up what is really going on during these holidays, such as shooters, false flags, and blood sacrifices.

He was also a part of a white nationalist group, being trained to shoot. Someone stated that he created a YouTube video stating he is going to be a professional shooter. But it was taken down by YouTube. So, I am sure he was being trained to do this by his group or CIA or whomever, under an MK-Ultra mind control program, like the other shooters before him.  It is also stated that he has no family because both of his parents have died, which is normal for these young people to be orphans and loners. His father had died of a heart attack and his mother died of pneumonia. On another video, his neighbor was interviewed to describe Nikolas, and the neighbor stated that Nikolas always killed the neighbor’s chickens as well as squirrels. Killers often start small with animals that they can handle killing before they graduate to maybe kids and then adults, as they get more experienced and professional as killers and CIA Assassins. And, then, they become notoriously famous on the Zionist media for their killing sprees to promote gun control and the N.W.O. agenda of a futuristic totalitarian society of stupid slaves, living under a One World Government in Zionist Israel.

I just wonder how many more of these shooters are we going to see? It is all the same scenario of a young guy under MK-Ultra Mind Control to do certain acts for a bigger agenda.


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