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Lea Salonga — Wind Beneath My Wings (Tribute to Mommy Ligaya)

I really don’t know how many people watch the music-based videos I share. Each is importatnt to me because music is important to me. This is one of the most powerful that I’ve shared. It is Lea Salonga singing Wind Beneath My Wings, a Bette Middler hit. It is important to know that Lea is a Philappina singer. If you don’t know who she is, she was the voice behind the Disney hits, Milan and as Jasmine in Aladin. She is extremely talented.

This video resonates with me and brought a tear to my eye because I intimately relate. My mother passed away in 2007, but everything I am today, I owe to Mom. She encouraged me in music, and I now sing and play 9 musical instruments. She encouraged me to write and I am now a writer. She taught me how to cook and encouraged me and now I’m a fairly good cook and did it professionally for a while. I get my love of science math and the analytical mind from Mom. My love for other people came from Mom. There wasn’t anyone she wouldn’t help if she could. I hunt and fish. Mom taught me how. She is the only one who gave the chance that the marriage of my wife and I would last. It has lasted 41 years, in which time my brother has been married 3 times, one sister married 5 times and the other sister

married 7 times. Mom was right. You get the picture. If you asked me who my hero is, I’d resoundingly say “Jesus”, but I wouldn’t be able to say that had it not been for the love, patience, caring, sacrifice, and firm belief in me that my mother gave me. 

Lea captures some of my feelings in this song and I hope that you ] like it. True men will acknowledge that they would be nothing if it wasn’t for the women in their lives. Ladies, may God bless you many times over. Unconditional love is what God gives us. It is also what mom’s give us.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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