80s Singers that I had a Crush On

I thought of three singers from the 80s that I haven’t heard of in a long time. I wondered to myself whatever happened to them. I am aware that George Michael has died. I have seen Rick Springfield on some TV interviews, and he looks really old. I think he has struggled with a lot of emotional problems. I googled Rick Astley, and I found out he actually retired in 1993. I used to have a crush on all three of these men, even though George Michael was gay. I didn’t really care for Rick Springfield’s music. I just thought he was cute, and the song, Jessie’s Girl, was popular, even though the lyrics sounded retarded. But Jessie’s Girl was probably his best song because I don’t remember his other songs.

Rick Astley’s music is better because his songs are more romantic and positive. His songs put me in a good mood. And, I used to listen to Wham! a lot in college, when I was living in the dorm. Every morning, I used to literally wake up to the song, Wake me up Before you Go-Go, which used to energize me in the morning to help me get up and get ready for my classes. It is very positive, in which I ended up using this song for my morning meditative ritual to start my day.

1.Rick Astley—Angels on my Side 

2. Rick Astley–Never Gonna give you up


3. Rick Astley–Together Forever  

4. Wham!—Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go  

5. Rick Springfield—Jessie’s Girl


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