Halloween Weekend Countdown 2017

Friday, October 27, 2017

Day 1: Witch’s Cauldron

Halloween Weekend Countdown at IMVU started with the first gift today—the animated Witch Cauldron. I placed it at my Halloween home, which was also a gift from a previous Halloween. The outside area looks dark because it takes place during the nighttime hours. It is also filled with Halloween props that it looks like an Autumn Halloween Carnival, filled with animated items, carousel, dance floor, DJ, bobbing for apples, cauldron Jacuzzi, boat ride in the moat, and other animated items. Today’s gift is also animated, which is the 2nd witch’s cauldron, for mostly cooking potions.

(10.28.17) Day 2: Skeletons Throne

Halloween Weekend Countdown continues at IMVU. Today’s holiday gift is an animated skeletons carrying a throne and walking around in circles to parade the avatar(s) they are carrying overhead. I placed it at my Halloween Festival place, but at the other side, next to the animated carousel and firepit seating area hangout.  There are 4 skeletons carrying a flat platform that holds three avatars at three areas of the throne, the chair and its two arms. There are also lighted candles on the platform because Halloween is a celebration for the dead. Her Halloween dog with its pumpkin mask is with my avatar, although she has many other pets. I added 3 other exotic pets, pink mechanical bunny that hops around, a pink baby dragon, and a gold parrot.

(10.29.17) Day 3: A Comfy Nook

On the 3rd day until Halloween, my IMVU gift is a round Black Cat Head Nook with mouth wide open. Inside is a comfy area with pillows and blankets to hang out, listen to music, or just read a good book or magazines. It looks like something I would buy in real life, kind of like the inside of Jeanie’s bottle of that old TV sitcom. I placed it at my Halloween party home and yard, which is starting to look like a Halloween amusement park with all the animated rides and games.

(10.30.17) Day 4: Candy Corn Tub

On the 4th day until Halloween, my IMVU gift is an animated Frankenstein tub filled with candy corn, in which my avatar sits inside, continuously picks up pieces, and eats it quickly. Who can eat that much candy corn? I thought it was a candy corn hot tub. It is one of the Halloween entertainment rides for this Halloween 5-day weekend festival.

Day 5: Halloween Day: Skeleton Gazebo Dancefloor

I decided to place today’s animated gift on the other side of the Halloween Party home, next to the cozy cat chair, Frankenstein tub, Halloween carousel, skeleton throne ride, and campfire seating area.

A Postcard for IMVU Halloween Day!

Bye for now. Happy Halloween 2017!


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