10 Most Shocking Films: 7. Inside, 2007

The culture of French horror films has been experiencing a renaissance lately and this is a great proof of that. After the main actress, Sarah’s husband is killed in a car crash, the girl becomes completely secluded. Even at Christmas, a pregnant girl doesn’t want to see anybody in her home.

Everything changes when a sinister, black dressed girl appears and asks letting enter inside. The girl calls the police, but they can’t find anything unusual when they arrive. Shortly afterward, the mysterious woman appears again and expresses her desire to cut the unborn child straight from Sarah’s abdomen.

You may think that this is quite cruel and you are absolutely right. Everybody that happens on the path of a mysterious woman is brutally murdered and always with sharp scissors. 

In general, of course, the film is not a masterpiece. This is just a story of revenge. From the blood that gushes fountains, you can choke. You openly snooze the first half of the film – a slowly developing plot does not promise anything cruel. But from the middle, the slaughter begins in the truest sense of the word.

Perfectly coped with its role Béatrice Dalle. Throughout the film, she evokes such vivid emotions that I want to reach out through the screen and, finally, kill this crazy bitch.

The film is intimidating, cruel and tense. I never was a fan of such films but sometimes I make a company to my husband who likes horror movies, and when I started this series of most shocking films, of course, I must add Inside to them. 

This movie has everything that is needed for a modern, good horror movie, but most films are unable to show it. This is a must see band for all horror movie lovers.

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