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Christmas is not only for presents. It’s about thinking of each others, respecting life and taking care of this beautiful place we all live on- our planet Earth. For me, every day is the day of those three and that’s why I am all in making presents and other decorative stuff from recycled materials. So far I took you to trips to recycling plastic bottles, fabric scraps and paper, so today, there will be a few words about plastic bags recycling.

#1 Pom-Poms And Buttons

Make simple pom-poms out of plastic bag threads. You'll make that thread by cutting bags in to strips. Glue pom-poms on really big paper clips and decorate them with different kinds of buttons.

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#2 Fused Plastic Bags And Buttons

For fusing plastic bags you need an iron, baking paper, and of course, some plastic bags. Heat iron on very low temperature, put two sheets of plastic bag between two pieces of paper and iron, carefully. You'll get a compact sheet of plastic you can cut into shapes. I cut shapes of leaves, glued them on paper clips and decorated with buttons. Or, you can glue different types of buttons only.

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#3 Crocheted Flowers

These flowers are crocheted from plastic bag threads. Again, cut plastic bags in to stripes and crochet flowers (or something else, if you're skillful). Glue flowers on paper clips and decorate with buttons. I have to admit that I have never crocheted anything in my entire life. My mom did these on my request. Needles and threads are not my stuff, I'm more for serious tools and materials. Nothing girly. 😀

So, now you get an idea for easy and interesting gift for those who appreciate attention more than a price of a present.  

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