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Hand Building Kitchens in Thailand with blocks and Ceramic Tiles

Building a kitchen on your own with blocks and ceramic tiles is way more cheaper then buying a fitted kitchen in Thailand. You can DIY one for under 2.000 baht, so its good value and the units we fit are quite good quality and very strong.

Here are more photos to show you the kitchen when complete.  The good thing about ceramic is you have a great choice of what you can use. And ceramic in Thailand is really affordable. This is how we do the sink top.

Here is the kitchen looking not so bad. On this job I am building 4 for my new home stay hotel in UdonThani.

I would be glad to hear what you think of it. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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Written by Charles law


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  1. Is that tile on the floors too? Very pretty and something I would like to do in my house. It’s old and needs something that will be functional and pretty. I fell in love with the tile from Palermo, but I see there’s more out there! thank you, you are an inspiration!

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