DIY Cute Rainbow Stars That You Can Make In A Moment!+Photo Tutorial

Creating something is always a fun thing to do. You will be proud of your own handmade masterpieces. If you are a DIY maniac, then this idea is worth trying. You can create cute and colorful stars, that can be used as decoration for your room. This sounds like a good idea to try. Also, it will be a great experiment for science class, as it has some interesting ingredients. Also, these stars can make a great idea for a present. Anyone will be happy to receive a handmade cute craft that you have put effort in. Read on and see the whole process step by step, with pictures.

 These are affordable and easy to find. You will be surprised by how quick and easy this process is. Kids can help with it too. They will be so happy to make their decorative stars. So, let’s get started. You will need a few stuff here.

You will need:

  • Borax
  • water
  • pipe cleaner
  • star shaped cookie cutter
  • string
  • sticks
  • empty mason jar

Start with the pipe cleaners. Put each around the star shaped cookie cutter. Press it. Choose a few different colors. Your final result will depend on those colors.

You should have little colorful stars like these. You can make as many as you want.Keep them colorful. And don’t forget that you can make any other shape that you would prefer.

Then, take a string and tie it to a star. Do this with the rest. These will help you hang your little stars in the jar.

Put two of the ready stars on a stick. Then you should put the stars to be hanged inside the jar. Place the stick on top. The stars must not touch each other. Neither they should touch the bottom or walls of the jar.

Now, we come to the fun part. Boil some water. Mix borax with it until it is completely dissolved.

 Pour this mixture into the jars. It should cover the whole stars. If you spill some, be sure to clean it. Also, be careful when using borax.

It should look like this. The next step is to leave the borax to crystallize. It will take about 20 hours.

And finally, you can pull up your stars. One important thing that you should consider is having a jar big enough so you will be able to pull up the stars easily.

After you take them out of the borax mixture, place them on paper towels. That will absorb the excess liquid.

And now you have your little stars ready! And one great plus is that you can pack these as a gift for someone. These ones will make a great decoration. You can hang them on trees n your yard. Or you can make them as Christmas tree ornaments. The possibilities are endless!  You can start with this project now.


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Written by Kristina

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