We Thought it was a Joke

When the various candidates were lined up for their Party’s selection, we thought one particular person was a joke.  The appearance of this clownish character reminded me of something that happened when I was at school.

My class considered Student Government a joke.  We didn’t even put up a Class representative, much less consider voting.

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The Vice Principal exploded into the classroom to excoriate us for not having school spirit.  At that point, Glenn, the class clown, rose to his feet and said;

“You are so wrong sir!  We have already elected Stoner who will be running for President of Student Government!”

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Stoner was the school ‘pharmacist’.  He was repeating the grade not because he was stupid, but because he had been absent the last month of school so took no finals. He was left back. This was his choice because he made so much money selling drugs in the school that it made no sense to leave it.

When the V.P. heard this, he turned various colours and stalked out of the room.

We never expected Stoner to become President of Student Government.  It was a joke.  It was a way of giving the finger to the process.

We never expected that a lot of kids at the school felt the same way and decided to vote for Stoner as a sign of contempt for the institution.

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So Stoner won.

Here was a guy who had no redeeming features. He didn’t care about anything but making money. He knew nothing about the office, what his powers were, what he could and couldn’t do, he just ran his mouth when he made his speeches, and said what he figured the voters wanted to hear.

There was no way he could prevent homework from being given on Friday or allow kids to leave the school during lunch hour. But he said it, and some kids who weren’t too bright voted for him.

This is the reason why Stoner won. It wasn’t just those who knew what his candidacy signified, why and how he was nominated, it was those dumb kids who believed his campaign promises.

When Stoner took office there was some serious disruptions, confusion, but Stoner couldn’t care less.  He did what he felt like, said what he wanted, and kids who followed him were led into his cul de sac.

Looking at America today, I recall Stoner.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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  1. That is true because the late Paul Harvey said on his radio show many years ago when a candidate for President gets elected, he will never deliver all of his campaign promises because he has to play “Let’s Make A Deal” with Congress and the Senate.

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