Vivian Maier I

John Maluf, a former real estate agent and an amateur historian in 2007 after wandering Chicago auctions of seized things are looking for old photographs of Oak Park.  By trinkets he came across a box full of negatives. So for $ 400 bought a negative anonymous author, who, then, has long languished in his closet. Because, at first glance – it was not a picture of the city that had been needed for the book.

A few months later, after a thoughtful study of negatives, he realized how much artistic treasure was found in his hands. The envelope with the developed photographs found a signature – Vivian Maier. A search on Google learned the sad news – the mysterious photographer died just three days earlier. Maluf is unsure of the value of photography, since the layman in this kind of art, hung her work on social networks asking them advice on what to do next. Unexpectedly, the public was enthusiastic, and many newspapers have raced in praise: Vivian Maier’s newfound classic American street photography. Today we know that Vivian Maier street photographer whose work spans between 1950 and 1990. Her legacy includes more than 100 000 negatives, thousands of prints and countless rolls of undeveloped film. Most are inspired by the New York and Chicago. Vivian’s entire life is dedicated to documenting the small world around making films, songs, stories – look in American life the second half of the twentieth century.

Six months ago, from 1959 to 1960, she had traveled the world, it is assumed, by financing the money he got by selling inherited the farm in Alsace. She traveled to Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Florida, Caribbean. Travel and meet with exotic forced her to seek unusual in the everyday.


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