Unto The Third Generation – part 2

Edward and Nancy never went beyond ‘All Age’ school which graduated them at the age of fourteen.

Their first child, Eric Nathan, lived their lives, for he too was born poor and had to leave school at fourteen to help in the business.

Sam and John, the two younger boys who had lived first in a tenement, then with Nancy’s uncle were able to go as far as High School before joining their father’s business. These extra hands allowed Edward to expand even further.

But the baby, David, did not only graduate High School, but was the first in his family to attend University. The baby, David, never worked in the business.

David went to University.

Instead of reading subjects that were business related, he bounced around from Sociology to Art History to English, finally graduating with a B.A. but no skills, no profession.

He had spent most of his time at University, drinking, getting high, fooling around with girls and spending money.

After all, he was David Rashford, big shot.


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Written by jaylar

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