The New Avatar Of King Maker: Mr Rahul Gandhi

Congress is the Second largest party in the last Karnataka Vidahansabha Election and with support of JDS it could have formed the Government But could not. Leaving the hope of Congress Chief Minister, Congress party created a post poll alliance and did let JDS to form the govt. with the full support of the Congress Party. ‘All is well’ is only due to one particular destiny of keeping BJP out of the Reign in the state of Karnataka as well as a positive step ahead to counter BJP in 2019 Election.

One such target and view might be seen even after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections when the Congress may be strong enough as opposition  and may project Mamta Banerjee, Mayawati, Chandrababu Naidu or any other regional leader as the Prime Minister leaving own interest and an eye upon the position of Country’s Prime Minister. Congress President Rahul Gandhi  turned as the kingmaker in Karnataka when  political analysts were claiming it would be JDS. But even for 2019, Rahul is trying to do something like this because he has made a political objective to get BJP out of the power circle at any cost. Then what will happen to Rahul Gandhi who had urged recently in Bengaluru to be the Prime Minister?

Let’s investigate into the facts of Rahul and Congress Party’s dream of their future politics through their Mirrors of Activism of ‘Today and tomorrow.’

When Rahul Gandhi turned the vice president of Congress in the year 2013, in a very emotional speech, he mentioned the advice of his mother and the then Congress President Sonia Gandhi, in which Sonia had said – “Power is poisonous.”The Congress president Rahul Gandhi is trying to find his political status and future dreams amidst this ‘poisonous power’.

 Rahul Gandhi and UPA Chairperson Smt Sonia Gandhi at the swearing-in ceremony in Bengaluru

He is the President of the same congress party who has a history of more than 130 years of reign , which has ruled India for most of the time since independence in 1947 and also believes in using each and every political strategy as tool to grasp the power in center for which today the party is also trying the same to oppose and  stop the victorious path of BJP and Narendra Modi. But the Congress that belonged to Nehru, that belonged to Indira, that belonged to Rajiv Gandhi, and even belonged to the successor Sonia, those with the forms of their  coalitions, is not there absolutely  today which Mr. Rahul Gandhi has understood well. And perhaps that is why after winning 78 seats in Karnataka, only in order to keep BJP out of power circle in the state of Karnataka, the 37-member Janata Dal, secular(JDS) was offered a chance to be the CM and to form the government. As a result, the Congress Party brought back into the power circle in the state of Karnataka putting a refurbished step of the King Maker just before the 2019 General Election.

Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi and UPA Chairperson Smt Sonia Gandhi


Rashid Kidwai , who has written biography of Sonia Gandhi , History of Congress Party and a senior Journalist told, “Rahul Gandhi has understood the weakness of the Congress that the Congress will not be able to fight the BJP on its own. This political assessment has also proved to be helpful in the formation of a government in Karnataka.”

Rahul Gandhi has also urged that if the Congress party shall able to show his strength in 2019 as the single largest political party, then he must claim himself as the Prime Ministerial Candidate. But this was told by him with an intention to boom the efficiency of his party workers. Even the Political intuitions and equitation, along with four years flop show of the present BJP Government  for the sake of Farmers and common men prove unanimously that in 2019 , it will be very difficult task for the BJP to turn as the biggest Political party.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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