Rock opera in Belgrade the world’s biggest hits

Robin Business November 14.2018 Belgrade

The event that come to  us.


Great Hal 20.30 PM

Concert-Rock Opera

Date November 27

A great exciting musical spectacle expects music lovers to hear something new and not yet shown on our music scene. Musicians from New Sad and Belgrade will join their musical knowledge and perform 20 unforgettable anthologies of hits of famous rock groups.

The announcements include hits:Date November 27 ,Led Zepeelin,  Deep Purple, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Van Halen Doors, Tina Turner and others.

It will be a mix of musical genres of jazz and opera and unprecedented spectacle.

I hope that older generations as me will also be presenting the boards of these groups as well as some new generations.

It would be nice that the strangers who  are visiting Belgrade come on concert.

It will be a superb musical experience.


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