Maroons – Part II

When Africans were captured and transported to the ‘New World’ to be slaves, many did not spend much time in that degradation.   Many escaped virtually upon landing.

One of the first places to have African Slavery is what is now called Brazil.Brazil was entered by the Portuguese who were very much involved in Slavery.   They transported ships of Africans to this ‘New World’ where many immediately ran into the forests.

Brazil has an environment very similar to parts to Africa.   This gave the Africans an advantage.  The African was used to the heat, the rain, the storms, and the jungle.  They knew how to travel, to track and survive.  Those who would to be their ‘masters’  did not.

Those who tried to track the Africans often died by a poisonous animal, became lost, or were killed by those they sought to capture.

It was almost certain death for the European  who imported the slaves to attempt to track them once they entered the forest.


Many of the Africans would find a suitable place and create their own villages.  Some would join the villages of the indigenous communities.Unlike the islands of the Caribbean, which had finite land space and was accessible, Brazil is a huge area which was densely forested.   There was no way for the European to find those who escaped, and if finding,  recapture.

Europeans did not often enter the forest.  Hence those who had been transported to Brazil and escaped were able to form their own communities which exist to this day.

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