Marilyn Monroe II

Life of Marilyn Monroe was everything that Leventhal described the idols of consumption – born Norma Jean, came from a poor environment and much of his childhood was spent at orphanages – but luck and the opportunity they have done to get to Hollywood. When the war she worked in a munitions factory, the photographer responsible to represent working women had spotted and photographed, he had insipirisalo to start a modeling career. Since at that time sought (or more sold) Blondes, Marilyn is painted in a color that has become one of her trademarks. During a successful career models, Norma Jean noted producer from Hollywood and the late forties was transformed into what is known as Marilyn Monroe. So, like most of the stars of that era, she appeared out of nowhere – it was an ordinary girl who has succeeded because of his perseverance and luck. The Council has followed every detail of her life, the story of a difficult childhood, scandal nude photographs, marriage to baseball star Džoem Madhya Di, then the writer Arthur Miller, photos on the front pages of the newspaper. Her private life was known to the public as much as her films – was a commodity for consumption. Marilyn Monroe remains one of the biggest stars of the golden age of Hollywood, but also one of his tragic story: his suicide marked the end of the era of big Hollywood studios, and revealed to the public to get behind the play a happy life of the rich and famous, there is often a tragedy. This actress was the most famous pin-up girl of the fifties. Unlike some other stars who have their Damski appearance before linking with the female part of the audience, it is primarily his body, addressed to men. Its availability was the height of the sexualization of a star near the end of the golden age of Hollywood, at a time when fewer and fewer go to the movies, and television began to take over as the most popular medium. Her photographs, like the one that came out for the first issue of Playboy, paved the way for the soft pornography, which is still used for shooting stars.

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