Impasto Mori – giclee print

The title is a pun on the Latin motto “Memento Mori” which would make my title translate to an impression of death, if it translates at all (which is doubtful) but if you can think of a good title, please let me know.

#1 release version

This is really loose and is full of lost edges. People really seem to respond to my rough sketches so I thought I'd try a technique that was closer to that style. Personally I think that either I took it too far or didn't take it far enough. So hard to tell which one...

#2 rough sketch

Amusingly enough, the rough sketch is actually tighter than the final work. That has never happened to me before, and the novelty of it still hasn't worn off

#3 underpainting

I almost wish I'd stopped right here but it was far too unresolved for me to call it a day...

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