Memento Mori – WIP

I really love doing Dia de los Muertos pieces, and not just because of the catrina greasepaint masks and the lingerie but conceptual level as well. It is at the base level, a meeting between life and death and in transitional spaces like that my inspiration flourishes…

#1 work in progress

This was a Lux render which turned out nice but... (All together now) "I have decided to do an Iray remix" I am really starting to sound like a broken record

She's getting a wardrobe change and a different haircut, please look forward to it

#2 clay render

Clay renders aren't meant to stand on their own merit- their true purpose is to test light sources efficiently. That having been said, I could release this one with little additional effort

#3 rough sketch

I usually struggle with the decision to invert the sketch, but this time it wasn't a problem at all...

#4 banner graphic

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