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How to spell English correctly if you are a foreigner.

Robin Biznis November 25.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

I admit to having problems with writing even though I was learning English. But it was a long time ago.I write the text in English and translate it by Google translator.If I do not check the English version, the translation may be a misspelled word.Example: I write the word- forest. As I write in English and Latin script instead of saying forest will write the word suma, and means quantity and not forest.If I don’t pay attention to the letter I choose, here are the mistakes for your reading.Another major problem.I translate the translated text from Google translator into two grammatical corrections sites.Now I will set an example from all three sites.From the Google taranslator and the other two.An example text from my first address to you, hence my first post.

A.Yela (Latin Abies, according to the Latin name of the white firm) is a genus of evergreen coniferous trees from the family of pines (Pinaceae)It was planted 14 years ago in the front of my family house. Last week was a warm time. People went in t-shirts and then it was suddenly cold. In Belgrade, Serbia also fell snow which is beautifully seen on this Tree.

The same text at

and C

was planted underlined and explained that it was a passive voice.Revise was planted with an active voice.Active voice makes it clear who is doing what. In an active sentence, the person who is acting is the subject. Passive sentences obscure or omit the sentence subject.Use passive voice when the sentence object is more important than the subject. The active voice is generally easier to read.Examples (subject, object)Before: Our results will be discussed.After: We will discuss our results.Before: Wolverine was made to be a weapon.After: The government made Wolverine. Wolverine is a weapon.And now I ask those who really know this language very well.Should I leave the sentence in a passive voice or try to put it into active form.

Will the average English speaker know how to read the meaning of what I wrote?source photo: Image by Natalia Kogut from Pixabay


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  1. That is why I am learning because we are being corrected.
    It just misleads me whether to write in passive voice or in active voice.
    Invisible to the pictures, so I’ll write to you.
    It was planted before 14 tears….Passive voice.
    Here the program underlines that it is in the liability.
    Whether to leave the passive form omitted rev your, or translate it into active form.
    Again I ask members who knows?

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