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Hearing But Not Listening

“Hey girlie girl, What is on your mind today?” Asked God. “You looked shocked.”

I am shocked because I finally heard those words, no I heard them before but I was not reading between the lines, I was not listening to their meaning, its like that a lot with online conversations.

When Peter told me, with this smart ass way, “Use your IQ.” I most certainly took that as an insult, well it was clearly an insult, but then I did just that, got insulted. Then he asked “How are the kids, are they awake?”  Ahhh….. I just stared at those words, then he seen what he had done.

I thought more fighting? Yes, fighting came, all about the letter, all about those words. The thousand words. The in trouble. The you don`t know how it is over here. ….. I listened and heard, no I don`t.

The realization was overwhelming the kind human being in me, the monster died at that moment.

God replied ” Girlie girl, you need to jump down from that pedestal you sit on sometimes, see the world as it is, not as it is in your view, but other peoples view because we do not share the same view from  country to country. People treat each other different there than where you are.”

I slept.

My heavenly father I have said some bad things to Peter and to his superiors, I made things worst, I can tell, that is the anger, that is why all the anger. How can I make this right? What can I do to ease the pain, not for me but for him?

“Girlie girl, be you. Peter showed you the way back to you a month ago, now go and just be you.” God replied.

“Hey, are you around?”

“Yes, I am” replied Peter.

After some small talk and being me, the normal sweet and kind me, I said ” I will write another letter before I go to work, you can approve before I send.”

“Okay, Thanks.”

I typed up a letter, short and to the point. Sent to Peter.

“No, this is not any good” He said

” What do you want me to say?”

Peter replied ” The woman of a thousand words, you can do better than this.”

I smiled and said ” You like those words? LOL”

“LOL, yeah”  He replied

So…. I added a little Angie to the letter, my true thoughts, and sent to Peter.

” You nailed it! 100%. Send.” Peter said happily.

I sent the email.

” Thank you My love” Peter said ” I pray they will let me go.”

Peters words chilled me to the bone.

By Andria Perry

Photo by Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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