English Is Fun and More Fun

  • English is not my first language. I had to buy it with money. I happened to give my teachers a lot of hell till I learnt how to coil myself round it.

There were plurals of adding :s’, ‘es’, changing f to v then es and changing y to I then es. There were irregular ones and exceptions.

I learnt that e at the end of a word like tap changed the pronunciation to tep. Very enjoyable indeed. Some verbs when changing to when the action has happened had either doubling of last letter or removing y etc. Some were irregular.

Here is what excited me more. They were called idiomatic expressions. I called them ‘idiotic expressions’.

Now why idiotic? Because only idiots could not guess their meaning.

Burn the candle at both ends    

One should be mad to burn a candle at both ends. After all there is only one end with a protruding wick. The other end should be placed in a candle stand. Therefore the expression spells confusion. It therefore means working from morning till night without resting.

To be in hot soup

Soup is food. I wonder whether it is eaten or drank. Nobody of sound mind can go into soup.         And it is worse to go into hot soup. You will be in trouble if you do. So to be in hot soup is to be in problem.

Go Bananas.

Who will ever want to go bananas? The person who will do this will be mad of course.

Kick the basket or bucket.

Why will somebody ever want to kick the basket for? Somebody who is dying will definitely kick the bucket unawares. So to kick the bucket is to die.

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