Wander project Cincinnati trip continued…

Finishing up the images from the Children’s Museum of Cincinnati Ohio. We enjoyed our day there. The lunch was typical museum food, not great but not so bad you had to leave the Museum. We were very near the original Skyline Restaurant, but my vote for a Chili lunch (Skyline is amazing Chili) was voted down. Many years before when we had lived in Cincinnati Ohio, my grandfather had come and spent a week with us. If you are ever in Cincinnati I highly recommend Skyline. If you like Chili, get a Five Way!!!!

In that week we wandered around Cincinnati, and on his last night (we drove him back to Bloomington that next day) we (my wife and I) took my grandfather to the first Skyline Chili every opened in Price Hills (Price hills is a suburb of Cincinnati that is connected to one of the most famous suburbs of Cincinnati.). Price Hill is connected to Ivorydale. Ivorydale is famous because once upon a time the original Protector and Gamble soap factory and the original factory of P&G’s biggest competitor Jurgens, were located in Ivorydale Ohio a suburb of Cincinnati!

But I was outvoted three to two. Luke voted with me! So we ate the cafeteria food at the Museum.

There was a time when my wife and I would also participate in Children’s museum activities. I loved, as a former teacher, to engage with the kids in the various science activities. As a school teacher, I made sure to take my class to the Children’s Museum every year. The chance for children to not just explore science but to do the activities around a principle makes it so much more real. I loved showing the kids all sorts of fun science activities! Plus growing up in my father’s house my interest in the wonder of science had been tweaked for many years!

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