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America always shouts how it has freedom of the press.  This, of course, does not in any way prevent the abundance of propaganda.

Quick to point the finger at other countries which ‘suppress’ the truth, and have ‘Alternative Facts’  it is only since 2017 reality is revealed.

Entering office, Trump stated there were Three times more people at his inauguration than at Obama’s, photographs proved he was lying.

The term ‘Alternate Facts’ was used for the first time, and although the words have not again been stated, the procedure has been followed.

An untrue statement is made,  such as there being no casualties in Iran’s bombing of the American airbase in Iraq. When the facts emerge, that thirty four Americans had been injured, proving Trump lied, it is slapped  away.  

This method of suppression of truth allows those in power to create versions of reality which are more beneficial to their interests.

By attacking news sources as ‘Fake’ the ability to propagate propaganda has been enhanced, so that one is impelled, (if desirous of truth) to investigate.  By the time truth is uncovered, it is ‘old news’.   

Thus, without needing to suppress the truth, the ability to delay it is effective.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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  1. One has to remember that the facts of a situation are not always apparent immediately, but the press, TV and politicians are compelled to produce something in double-quick time. We should therefore not be surprised if what we were told on Day 1 is nothing like what emerges by Day 10!

    • That is just trying to smooth the wrinkles. It was clear to me that people had to be injured in the bombing. Saying ‘no one’ I took as an instant lie. Then it went to 11 then to 34. There is a difference between admission and getting a number wrong, and denial.

  2. Yep yep. Everybody knows you can’t believe everything you see, hear or read. Who doesn’t know about propaganda?

    Even the most intelligent person in the world tasked with the responsibility of being the decision-maker for the good of all the people can make a bad decision IF fed the wrong information, misinformation, disinformation, faulty intelligence, erroneous intelligence, “alternative facts” or TREACHEROUS LIES!!

    And it’s even worse when The Decider surrounds himself with people who feed it to him in a long-handled and short-handled spoon ON A DAILY BASIS!! And … ??? He eats it up! Cause he’s kind of like Mikey. He likes it!!

    You have to wonder. Does he ever stop and think: ‘I don’t know. That looks questionable to me.’

    But anyway … Why question anything when you can always conveniently the HIT THE DENIAL BUZZER or the BLAME BUTTON!

    Oh I’m sorry. Did I ramble??
    I do that sometimes. I apologize. 🙂

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