Chaos to Create Race Wars

Tuesday, 8.11.20

My week started with morning yoga at the park at 9 am. It was nice this morning, cool and breezy, which made the yoga stretches at the park even more relaxing because it was hot yet. At 10:15am, I overheard people talking about the chaos in society. Someone mentioned that there has been many attacks on Asians because of the Cornyflu Plandemic, blaming all this crap on China and Asians in general. This appears to be a part of the Race War they were creating to start a war with China. It is all about dividing people between certain groups–Asians because of Cornyflu, Blacks because of ANTIFA riots and #BLM, Whites because of Police Brutality, and I am sure there is more. I returned home at 10:30 am, and noticed I have a walking meetup this evening at 6:30pm. 


What do you think?


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