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Hecky’s Barbecue was introduced to me by my colleague who gave me his endorsement of the restaurant. At the time, I bookmarked on Yelp with hopes to visit, but never got the chance until now. Hecky Powell recently passed away due to Covid-19 complications and the community he served shared how much he meant and the difference he made. It spoke volume about the character of him as a man and it is heartwarming knowing that a black owned business can make such an impact in a community like Evanston Illinois.

I really enjoyed these Chicago style tips! Those tender tips were smothered in barbecue sauce and tasted like heaven. Hehe, I told my co-worker that I will definitely be ordering them again in the future as I moaned how good they were.The Juneteenth strawberry soda tasted very good; it was not like your average strawberry soda that has that sugary taste.

Juneteenth strawberry soda

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