The Blue Notebook by James A. Levine – Book review

I love to read books, but really a lot. I am a member in local library and I am always buying books whenever I get the chance. Recently, I have bought this book that touched me deeply. The Blue Notebook by James A. Levine is a book that we all must read. When I finished reading this book, I thanked God for living here where I am and for having such good life.

Well, let me say something about the book. Everything in that book is true. A young girl in India is being sold to some terrible people who are in human trafficking business. She was only nine years old when her father brought her to a man who used her as a prostitute. I was horrified with all the details I read in the book. I had no idea that these things were happening in India. There is this Falkland Road street where children are being put in cages as prostitutes. Young boys and girls are displayed as puppets and maniacs come and pay their service. Terrible!!

This book is written by a doctor who was visiting India and he saw this young girl with blue notebook who had been writing something down. In the end of the book is being explained how he got that notebook.

The book touched me deeply and there were moments when I was crying and cursing how cruel life can be. I feel deeply sorry for all those children that are going through something like this. It is a must read book. You will appreciate your life much more once you read it.

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