Bacha Bazi

Islamic nations are the most vocal against homosexuality. They brag of killing homosexuals. Standing on the other side of the world, one believes this.

This is nothing but a beard.

Afghanistan sells itself as one of the most religious countries in the world.  A conservative Islamic nations, where the law demands men and women follow the doctrine.

But anyone who has been there, knows about Bacha bazi.

The term translates as ‘boy play’, apparently a harmless form of entertainment where young boys dance to entertain older men.

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In reality, it is sex slavery. Boys as young as 10 are used by middle aged men for sexual gratification.

Many of the boys have been kidnapped and forced into this trade. They are captured, trained as dancers, dressed as girls, piled with make up.

The dances are provocative, and once over, the boys are passed among the men like party favours.

In other countries it is called paedophilia. In Afghanistan it is no crime for the powerful warlords and businessmen to buy and sell and rape young boys.

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Half of the boys are between twelve and sixteen. They need to be beardless and not yet developed. As soon as they begin to mature, they are discarded as rubbish.

As homosexuality is forbidden, the boys who were raped  are shunned by their families and society. The men who raped them are not.

Bacha bazi  has existed for perhaps a thousand years, but was stopped by the Taliban. Once the Taliban was contained,  bacha bazi returned and has become so acceptable that the police enjoy it.

That homosexuality is forbidden by Islam is slapped away by those who participate. Raping a boy is not homosexuality.

Western soldiers who have been in Afghanistan since 2001 were shocked to see grown men walking down the streets of Kabul, hand in hand with a young boy dressed as a girl.

When it comes to ‘mouth say one thing, body does another’, Afghanistan is number one.


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Written by jaylar