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Alphabet Challenge: Russia

The following are interesting facts about Russia. 

  1. Russia, the largest nation in the world is a country that enjoys being connected to two continents, Eastern Europe and North Asia. It measures 17,125,200 square kilometres. This means that it covers 1/8 of the world’s inhabitable land area. It is approximately 1.8 times the size of the U. S. 
  2. It has an estimated 100,000 rivers and numerous lakes. 
  3. In terms of economic power, it is the eighth largest I’m the world. 
  4. Russian is one of the fewer countries that has the highest literacy rate in the world at 99.7%. 
  5. The country has 12 volcanoes that are active. 
  6. The superpower countries are known due to their possession of mass destruction weapons. Russia is mong the five nuclear weapon states. It has the largest weapons of mass destruction in the world. 
  7. It is a country that witnesses or experiences eleven time zones that span through the country. A certain source puts it at nine. It is permanently in daylight saving. 
  8. Russia borders eighteen sovereign states. 
  9. Russia has a total of 780 species of birds that have been recorded. 
  10. The life expectancy of males is 64 years while of females is higher at 76.
  11. It is one of the leading producers of oil and natural gas in the world. 
  12. It is the ninth most populous nation in the world at 146.79 million as of 2019.
  13. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and contains 20% of the world fresh water. An estimated 1,700 species of animals and plants live and thrive in the lake. 2/3 of these species cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 


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