20 Brutal Truths About Life, No One Wants to Admit.

“No one is actually dead, until the ripples they have caused in the world die away.” – Terry Pratchett

It;s a strange phenomenon how people of practically all ages definitely ignore the proverbial elephant in the room, called mortality. You need to stop pretending that you’re invincible and acknowledge your humanness the next crucial step is to then start reshaping your life into a meaningful one.

At first, the truth will seem sad even pathetic, then slowly it will dawn on you how incredibly boring and selfish it had been thus far but this too will pass when you begin to realize that your reaction to this, gives you permission to make amends with past flawed relationships and reshaping them into meaningful ones in your new life. The condition called happiness is constantly present in your life– you just need to connect to it. The only hard part is in pushing aside vanity, self-pity, and pride to allow it to flow through you.

Sometimes we need to head into the dark eye of the hurricane to start appreciating having lived in the “light” and discovering a revitalized passion for the precious beauty of life.Here are 20 brutal truths that every single person should hear.


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