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What Is So Special? ~ 365 Photos Challenge #249

What is special if your physical and intellectual awareness can feel comfortable while your spiritual awareness is still hijacked and surrender because the soul knows that the task won’t be finished this time?

What is the greatness of loving those who love you and those who are easy to love while you believe that love is everything, all around, and within?

What is so satisfying about buying and having all the most expensive luxuries while your soul is not redeemed from hostage drama?

What is great about the power to control others while you don’t master yourself?

Is that a great freedom if all that just protected by a firewall of trust or distrust to the dogma while your soul is not liberated and unable to free you from the illusion of duality?

Are you satisfied enough to always try to be in the midpoint of the balance between the two poles if the true balance means to eliminate the two poles?


What do you think?


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