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Virily Report Card “Challenge”

It’s the end of the year and starting of the New Year, 2018!!

First of all, Happy New Year, fellow Virilyans!!

For me, I had great fun here at Virily and I think it’ll be time to do some “wrapping up” … And I would like you guys to join in too to share your achievements and proud moments on here!! You can see this as a challenge or just posting to share your experience here.

You can simply start a post with the title like “Your Username Virily Report Card” and post the following:

1) Top 3 of Your post with the highest views (Up to you, you can skip this or just post one or two)

2) Your Top 5 most proud of/favourite posts (by yourself)

3) Your goals for Virily in the new year (2018)

4) Bonus: (optional) recommend a post by other blogger

5) #VirilyReportCard

Ok, I’ll get the ball rolling by posting first:

alibb Virily Report Card 

My post with the most view: Video Game Quiz!! #1

Top 3 most proud of/favourite posts (by yourself):

1) Guess the Image formed by Text!! Series >>> Part 1,  Part 2, Part 3

Because I put in a lot of effort into depicting the objects with just text … I’m very proud of what I created.

2) Can you identify these Celebrities?

I really love these kind of games. When I fist saw it on the variety show, I just kept following it, too bad they only feature Japanese artistes mainly and I don’t know most of them.

3) Heard of Singlish? Then try this Singlish Quiz!!

Because I’m proud of SInglish!! LOL!

My goals for the new year is probably to make more quizzes and cash out once!! Hehe


A post I would like to recommend: What’s this Color Crazy Challenge?

It’s the Color Crazy Challenge by Kim_Johnson – it’s a good challenge that anyone can join easily!!


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