T. Gouard Virily Report Card

First off! Happy New Year, Virily Team, and all viewers that just so happen to stumble on this post. I’m responding to the Virily Report Card Challenge by Alibb. I want to throw it out there also that, thank God that this is not my report card from previous semesters via Blackboard because it would not be a pretty sight to all viewing. Anyway! To join in on this challenge you can simply start a post with the title like “Your Username Virily Report Card” and post the following:

1) Top 3 of Your post with the highest views (Up to you, you can skip this or just post one or two)

2) Your Top 5 most proud of/favorite posts (by yourself)

3) Your goals for Virily in the new year (2018)

4) Bonus: (optional) recommend a post by other blogger

5) #VirilyReportCard

Now here are my five listings for this post:

1. Top three with the highest views are ‘Are panhandlers swindling us?’, ‘My name was not accepted in the Chicago Marathon’, and ‘Five Ways to get in to running, and stay into it’.

2. My top five most proud of/ favorite posts would have to be ‘Five Ways to get in to running, and stay into it’, ‘A 26.2 mile journey filled with mind games’, ‘My name was not accepted in the Chicago Marathon’, ‘How I won the battle against Bed Bugs’, and ‘My 19th marathon run’. These are my favorites because they capture life experiences that I have had, plus there is information that others could use in their own lives too.

3. My goal would have to be to produce better content that will attract others to the Virily site, as well as future Virily contributors joining in to make the site better.

4. A beautiful post that caught my eye this week, that I would like to recommend is ‘Bryce Canyon’ by Trenna Sue

5. #VirilyReportCard


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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


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  1. Great Report card there!! Thanks for joining in!!

    You make great posts and if its without this post, I’ll nvr be able to read them!!
    I really love the post you recommended too!!

    Once again, thx for joining and sharing!! Happy New Year!!


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