The Value of the Cold War – 10

The second step was the  lack of discipline, primarily, toilet training.  The average person has no idea the importance of this activity.

What toilet training does, when begun very early, is to teach the child that s/he can control ‘their world’.    When a child realises that s/he can control their bowels, they gain a sense of self, a sense of power.

By not toilet training a child, s/he remains helpless.  This feeling of being at the ‘mercy’ of the environment becomes part of them.  

Along with not toilet training there is no attempt to discipline.  Children do what they please.    They develop no self control.

This is useful in a population of sheep, where one can use their own behaviour to  disqualify them.

The child, accustomed to getting what s/he wants grows to be an obnoxious individual who can easily be fired for insubordination.


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    • An infant has no control over anything. Hungry, dirty, cold, there is nothing s/he can do. They cry, and what seems forever, somehow they are fed or cleaned, etc. The moment the child is conscious s/he has control… that they can hold it… that they can expel it, the Epiphany can not be lessened.

  1. You really toilet training consider so much influencing the personality of a person? It seems to me that raising a child, creating his personality is a much more complex work than just toilet training.

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